Sunday, August 12, 2012

DESIGN TEAM 2012-2013

Since Carina has had to leave the Elite Design Team and Elaine has had to cut down on her activities and since I intend to go in some different directions in the next year or so : I will be needing some new design team members-as many as 6. ABOUT MY EDT I do not have monthly projects-I need samples when I add new product I send free product to design team members in exchange for their time and the use of their samples I look for artists/designers who think outside the box and do projects that are unusual, not just cards (see past design team items) I look for photos that are well done and use props etc to showcase the work-see Elaine Lienharts photos I look for exceptional colouring ability and designers who tend to add bling or sparkle since that enhances my designs Halloween, Christmas and Spring are my strongest seasons I ask for a minimum of one year on the team but if you don't resign I will keep you on beyond that WHAT TO SUBMIT At least three past projects that show your work at its best email them to IF I am interested I will send you a sheet of designs and ask for a project using one of my creations so I can see how you work with my style Once I have recvd that project I will make my decision-please don't feel bad if I don't select you it has nothing to do with your ability it has to do with my taste and what I see in your work Please be aware of color, texture, composition and originality when submitting see HAZEL's work Thanks I look forward to seeing some new submissions-if you have submitted before now might be a good time to try again!! Rick

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