Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gallery from Gloria

Gloria (Creepy Glowbugg) Steiger has out done herself by colouring up a whole raft of images to share with you:

This image is BRAND NEW and was just posted on ETSY-Gloria got it first to colour, My Pet Fluffy:

What little girl doesnt want a cuddly pet for Christmas AND it teaches them responsibility and how to dodge sanpping sharp teeth.

SAD FROSTY takes on an antique vintage quality with these warm ivory tones:

Some people just have no respect for a beloved holiday icon and poor Frosty must have a splitting headache.

GRAVE was a simple design suggested by Helen Cullum-I guess watching the birds before draing tainted my vision-that isnt a crow-its a seagull or a cormorant or something...

Gloria makes the design work by uniting the images with her palatte of greys.

Gloria suggested that she would love a creepmas tree festooned with shrunken heads-I however say it augmented with dead snakes and rodents-anyway this is how it came out-
I also have a scrooge design where he is carrying home a matching wreath and shrunken heads must be in because of my geeks is using his shrunken heads in the GIFT EXCHANGE.

Finally Screaming Me Me was a part of my alien mutant collection and always makes me laugh-I sometimes feel like throwing my hands in the air and running naked and amok-however at my age and station I have pretty much eschewed naked amok running---pretty much...

I'd like to than Gloria, Helen and all who encouraged me to explore my Creepmas side-I've had a lot of fun releasing the crazy charecters in my head-now I have to Holiday it up and move on to more sparkly, happy things---like Aliens masquerading as Santa.


  1. These (and even more of your digis) are the images I have been waiting my entire crafting life for! Your artwork is immensely detailed and seems to transport me to the world of "Creepmas" and all points otherworldly, every time I color them! Such fun to create with!
    Love how you took the word "festooned" so literally. Perfection!

  2. FREAKING AWESOME - your drawings rock and Glo really kicks butt coloring them up and bringing them to life. :)

  3. love all these images. Great jpb Glo on the colouring xx

  4. way to go glo, beautifully done, i love the grave and snow man best xx

  5. cool images, an the colorin is awesome


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