Thursday, September 27, 2012

EEEEK---a rodent!

Every so often I get in a mood where everything is funny-or at least I think everything is funny-it struck me that Disneyland should change that scene with all the fellows up a pole on the Jungle Cruise for Christmas-well, they change everything else over...

What would drive Santa and the Holiday gang up a pole (or in this case on a chair) a mouse...

So I drew it up and it made me smile so I thought it might make you smaile as well.

Hazel sent in her sample so here it is in living colour no Jungle Cruise or Disney vacation included (awwww)...


I tried to get as many iconic Christmas images in as I could-Thanks Hazel and hope you all enjoy it!!!


  1. That's an awesome image!!!! Got to be in my list of images to get!

  2. That imAge is so fun and it is beautifully coloured. Gorgeous


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