Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goth Girl welcomes a new EDT member

I sent out one of my newest designs to my EDT including Linda Simpson one of our newest and have a couple projects back-so in order to welcome Linda let me start with her soft and lovely Easle card:

I seriously expected this image to come back in black, purple and navy-really seriously Gothy and suprise-pink!

I like this combo of pink and brown and the way the lace plays off the leather accessories in the drawing.

The pearlescent bits pick up the belt buckle which lind used as a stop for the easle.

You can find Linda's product list on her blog-all the EDT ladies blogs are linked by their names on the EDT roster-over on the right side of this page.

Welcome aboard Linda I hoep you enjoy your time with us!!!

Monique also sent her version of Goth Girl:

This is decidely more Goth in feeling but still maintains the girlie feel.

I always like how Monique thinks outside the box and the quirky little touches she adds to her projects.

I stress to my EDT ladies that the pictures are as important as the projects in presenting the feeling and atmosphere involved.

You will notice that props and lighting play an important part in the finished shots-I think this is a left over from my Magazine experiance and I do feekl strongly that the little touches set a shot apart and make it memorable!

Thanks to both designers for sharing Goth Girl-she is available HERE.


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