Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Helen colours up some images

New EDT design team member sent me some of the newer designs that she coloured up-They are already posted on my ETSY listings and I thought I would also share them here! Don't forget the header contest and the digi ideas still looking for both of those... Cheers!
I really enjoy seeing what each EDT member does with my designs and how they handle colours and shading-Thanks HELEN for your great additions tothis years collection.


  1. I am an artist too Rick...I do digis for another company. Someone on our design team told me about your site. So a friend of mine and myself came to your site. She bought one and I bought one. I love your Halloween stamps! They are awesome. We both will be back for more..Thank you....Kim

    1. Thanks for the nice comment-I know you both bought MUTANTS---I had done those last year and they didnt sell, this year they are doing much better with Dear Aunt Spidey being the front runner...Thanks again


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