Sunday, September 16, 2012

I plead temporary artistic insanity I had this seemed like such a good idea at the time but then I don't really make cards and stuff-I mean I can make cards and stuff and have but mostly I draw. I actually got the design down as I had it in my noggin and then I asked my design team ladies if anyone wanted to help me in a project? BUT it required printing on acetate... I didn't mention right off that it also required minute cutting such as is needed in Microsurgery or really fine scherenschnitte. Helen cullum volunteered...actually so did Nataliya but Helen was already on it having been right up front to offer... So off I sent the design and the layer mask pattern and the concept...
So all you have to do is this print the deigi on acetate then use the layer mask for a pattern to make a top layer cutting out the white part and this needs to be out of some mottly black/grey card stock then just make a third layer out of-oh I dont know some holographic mirror stock and then sandwich it all together in 3 layers and make a card out of it....simple Poor Helen...there is nothing simple in this whole exercise except perhaps for my brain and then of course I will want a photograph or six... Didya ever try to shoot holographic mirror card stock through an intricate pen and ink drawing on acetate...well didya??? Besides everything else it is a technical nightmare-and Helen did her best and it was fine except you could see one thing or the other but none of them the actual design. Had I been her I would have shot ME or perhaps something lingering with boiling oil or melted lead... Anyway I quick smart whipped up some photoshop versions-just to prove to myself it was possible and then began rethinking the whole endevor.
Meanwhile somewhere in the UK Helen Angel cullum after taking my name in vain managed to actually do the impossible and got a shot of all the work she had done BY HAND-no photoshop involved BUT I did not know this so-worried that I might have been of offense to my valued EDT member-I took some of the many shots helen had emailed over and put together yet another dummied up version of what it ould all possibly look like and swnt THAt off to her as well-along with my new idea which was to have 2 versions of the would be the dummied up version:
So finally today I get an email and attached is an actual shot of the card that she had done in which everything can be seen...Helen said it was a something that starts with a B to shoot-I actually don't know whatvthe word was she is too lady like so she left an enigmatic line after the B ( Bitch? Bollock? Bastard? Broccoli? are there more B's?) This will all be memorialized in a feature film directed by Steven Spielberg-we would have had Tim Burton but he would have insisted on Bonham-Carter playing Helen and I insisted on Angelina Jolie-I will be played by John Cusak or Chris Evans I havn't decided and it may all be a musical if we can get Andy Lloyd Weber which ase perhaps I should be portrayed by Michael Ball and Angelina an be dubbed by Sarah Brightman...hmmmm...pondering it all.... So without further nonsense or silliness here is Helen's actual card-photographed by Helen without photoshop assistance from Dreamworks...
Thank you Helen for doing all this work-your reward will be above I expect. If you like the little Bugger at all (oh BUGGER that's another B) you can find him HERE. And to all a good night...yes matron I will have my pill now thank you ever so much.


  1. Hahaha something close to the truth in the narrative. It was an interesting experiment though x

  2. well done helen, its like he is stepping out of the background, wierd but i love it

  3. Great job Crom, it looks brilliant x

  4. Hahaha i would think it's a first B word lol. That was fun to read. And what a fun image. Excellent job Helen.
    Hugs Nataliya

  5. Lmao. Poor helen. But helen rocks she can do anything. I think she did a great job love how it turned out.


  6. Oh My this post had me laughing lots. Bless Poor Helen! Mind you her finished creation is brilliant, Hes super scary!


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