Friday, September 14, 2012

MAE the little bonbon vamp

This was almost a throwaway-I didn't think she had the va va voom needed for a Mae type charecter-but I said give the girl a chance she has a sweet face and she's been a steady seller since she premiered... I am so happy to have this sample project from a new designer/fan ALIX CLARK... I think she did a wonderful soft, girly card-love the maribou feathers. It shows how many ways thes designs can work in a projet-they aren't always bright and show bizzy and glitzy-sometimes they are more sedate and classy. Thanks Alix look forward to seeing more of your work-you will be recieving a thank you sheet from me almost immediatly.


  1. This is very feminine. A fabulous card to celebrate someone's special day


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