Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Snow Friends

I did this design and I didn't want Isabella out making a snow person so I decided to have her make a snow kitty.

Hazel decided that the dsign needed lavender and sparkle and here is her design as she first sent it:

I never question my EDT ladies designs but this one made me take a 2nd look-something (for me) was missing so I asked Hazel if she thought it might need a bow on the lower right?

Not suggesting just asking...

Of course it ccame right back with a bow-and for me (as I explained to Hazel) it's like a period on a sentance when it's missing you notice-Hazel couldn't decide whether she liked it better with or without?

What do you think with or without-please comment and say why you feel that way???

I think with or without Hazel did a great job of this sweet, frosty scene!!!


  1. I think I prefered without.... I really like the CAS look and the image really take all the show :D

    1. Thanks Vicky for your amazing comment on my Revenge card. I hope you got for your self lot's images from Rick's shop.
      Hugs Nat

  2. This image colored so beautiful you don't even need a paper with it. never mind a bow.
    Hugs Nat

  3. Cute card i think i'd go for the one whith the bow cuz i am not a cas person lol. For me it is the more the better. Just a matter of tastte.

  4. Im still undecided, thought after a nights sleep I would know, but think it looks fab both with and without,
    Ah Nat thanks xx Hxx

  5. I prefer the one with the bow. Although both are gorgeous, my eyes just wander to the top of the image in the first pic, focusing only on the hat and face. The bow leads my eyes back down, allowing me to enjoy the beauty of the entire piece.

  6. The image is colored beautifully! I like it with or without...I'm easy! LOL!


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