Friday, September 21, 2012

Nataliya Simpson-the QUEEN of WOW

It has to be official...Nataliya is the QUEEN ---of WOW...I think that stands for What Outraegeous Wonders!!!

This card goes over the top down the other side and starts over again at the bottom-I told her all it needs is a music box and lighst but maybe a glitter snow machine as well???

This gives you an overview of this construction.

What Nataliya did that was clever-she usd my Septemeber Freebie Three Chimeny Cottage along with Isabella Making snow Friends to complete her scene.

And then look at the details, glitter, rhinestones, snow flakes, oragami---I mean WOW
this card isnt a debate about a bow-its a masters thesis in opulance!

Here is Nataliyas product list-

Clear Embossing powder with Glitter for all scan
Snow Writer
Diamond Dust
MS Punches
Fens Die cut
Prisma Colored Pencils (on Isabella)
Stickers for the sentiment
Blue Ink for the Sky

Heres the amazing thing about thius card-with all thats going on the image still manages to be the focal point-thats a fine piece of work...

But WAIT-she's not finished yet...I actually was gutsy enough to ask Nataliya to do TWO versions of this image one being a 3 dimensional decoupage project.

And here is the result-another WOW moment:

Obviously this version is in more taditional Christmas colours and I like it a great deal.

The layers seem more subtle here than the work she did on the Revenge witch but I certainly grabs the eye and makes for an interesting overall look.

I can't imagine too many people sitting down and colouring all those layers and Nataliya is suggesting that I offer colour decoupage sheets as well as the B&W digis-what do you think about that?

I think part fo the fun is changing the colours to suit your own taste??

Here are some detail shots from the project.

It's wonderful to see how adaptable my designs can be to various styles, colours etc. I just love BOTH of these projects and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them?

I can't wait for the next suprise from Nataliya and the other members of my design team-every day is like Christmas or a birthday for me as I open up all the trasures in my email box...I have also started a pinterest board for the ladies projects so many more people can share them.


  1. Queen of Wow is a great description! What a gorgeous project by Nataliya!

  2. Stunning, What a great creation, Hxx

  3. Wow speechless and droolling here.

  4. This is AMAZING as always from Nataliya (my lil Sis) ;). She most definitely is the QUEEN of WOW.

    Linda xxx

  5. Yes, WOW is definitely the word for this fantastic card!

  6. Thank you all. You are totally spoiled me with your comments. Glad you like it.
    Hugs Nat


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