Monday, September 10, 2012

Witch Way with Hazel

When I did this image I just loved it---sorry my work is very alive to me and often I am not impressed by what I do. Occasionally something really works for me (such as the witches cottage image available for sale HERE) almost as if someone else drew it.
I actually have 2 versions of this design for sale-this witchy one and an edited version without the supernatural trappings called STORYBOOK's interesting but I find lately that I am offering choices on my digis-Ichabod the headless pumpkin guy also comes in two versions.
Anyway Hazel (my staunch EDT scottish lass) got the assignment to do something with the Witche's Cottage and I am so happy to bring you her wonderful, moody project.
I love the watercolour pencils she used and she tells me the camera didnt pick it up but she used sparkles on the windows to give the effect on candles glinting off the glass-that's how Hazel thinks...details, details. Don't you love the rainbow frame? and the lovely full moon rising over the cottage? It's all hallows eve and things are beginning to come alive...about her supplies Hazel says, "For the Witches Cottage I used Papers from Moxxie called Midnight Dreary. The one from the set I used is called Dead on Arrival. (the other side is brilliant too as its got a repeat pattern of a Horse and hearse on it. Spooky!!!!) The mirri card is called mirri rainbow shimmer. Love it too."
Thanks Hazel for this stunning creation now I'm off to stir my cauldron and see what else I can conjur up...Bawhahahhhahhha....


  1. Love, love, love it Hazel!!!!! What a gorgeous digi Rick.
    Hugs Nat

  2. Fabulous Hazel !!! love that sky. Fab image to work with helps ;)

  3. Hazel this is so very beautiful, I love the digi and you coloured it so very beautifully


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