Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Helen's Projects

This has been a wonderful Halloween Season and Creepmas still to come-we will have lots of announcements forthcoming in the next weeks-stay tuned:

Helen sent in this wonderful project:

This doorknob plaque features Vlad and vANESSA a pair of images I imagined as vampyrs who for whatever reason kept missing each other in time.

I love that she made Vlad a blonde-something that necer occured to me-I just think the whole project is fun and has a great feel.

Here is another project from Helen using the skull with roses design:

This bracelet would be a fun addition to anyones Halloween wardrobe!


  1. Oh this is brilliant, Love them, Hx

  2. Many beautiful designs! Projects - splendid!
    This bracelet is very beautiful.
    I wish you success!


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