Monday, October 15, 2012

Playing Catch up

I am so far behind on posting images and blogging-there for awhile I was doing several posts a day-Halloween is just my busy season and then I had a drawing spurt...

When I draw like that everything else goes to Hell immediatly...I don't think I left the house for about 5 days as Idea after Idea poured out onto my drawing board.

I'm going to post a gallery of images that just havn't gotten posted so far-My apologies to all my design team for not doing a lengthy blog post about each one.

These are from Gloria Steiger and include Hexology, Black Widow, Voodoo Doll and one of my alien Mutants...Thanks Gloria.

Gloria's colouring is outstanding and she always makes my images sing...

Nataliya Simpson's rendering of DON'T GO IN THERE-one of her intricate 3D Decoupage cards

It's amazing how this technique brings images to life-I love it because it reminds me of multi-plane camera shots in old animated films...

More from Gloria-Nightwatch, I am yoo Santa and This is for you---we are already planning an event for CREEPMAS...

This is PART ONE-Watch for MORE of this Gallery coming soon...


  1. WOW these are all brilliant, Super creations, Love Hx

  2. OMG!!!!. some images i don't even remember seeing. Fantastic coloring.
    Hugs Nat

  3. wow the are all gorgeous, great job all!!!

    xxx MO

  4. Just wanted to let you know that you are officially on the blog list at The Outlawz! You can come visit me at Trina Makes Stuff.

    Rick, your team always does FABULOUS work! You too! :D

  5. Insanely great colouring for insanely great images x


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