Friday, October 19, 2012

Rick's Pick-winners from Challenge 1

We had decided that I would not vote in the top 3 catagory on Sparkle and Glitter except to break ties-rather, I would have a badge of my own that may or may not be awarded every challenge delending on how I feel about the entries.

Well----we had some wonderful entries this first challenge and I want to say THANK YOU to all who supported my wonderful design Team and their HARD, HARD wiork in putting together the Sparkle and Glitter Challenge blog-I think its an enormous success and a great place to have your work seen and discussed.

The purpose Of Rick's Pick is to let you know WHY I chose what I chose so I had three cards-and it was very hard to narrow it down to 3=that I decided to discuss so you will understand how I look at adjudicating design projects.

When I recieved the card with the Euro Clown Troupe I was so impressed with the fact that the designer had taken a somewhat dark end edgy image and made a Christmas card out of it.

I judge on first impression, composition, colour, texture, design components and workmanship.

This project from SHARON'S SHOWCASE had it all-the fist impression was good, the colours were excellant and she had really balance her design components by blending traditional with modern to make the image work...really great job!

I have no particular critique of this project-I don't love the gold cord at the top with that big knot-it detracts from the rest of the work back thats a small thing-the card overall is wonderful.

DREAM LAINE sent in a lovely silver and pink card featuring my ISABELLA CHRISTMAS ANGEL-I was thrilled because this was the first time I had seen this image coloured!

Again first impression, colour, composition, textures all made this a winner. The card just has a lovely quality to it overall.

The more I looked at the project the more one item that I had initially loved began to bother me-well actually two components...

The large sparkly flower was pulling my eye and it was fighting with the sentiment at the top of the card above it-PLEASE remember this is in my opinion and does not reflect on the designers choices!

The sentoment seemed too contemporary in type font for the card as a whole and the flower, just too bold a statement for the delicacy of the card-a silvery organdy rose or similar soft, translucent bloom would have been more in keeping with what I felt were the designers intentions.

Alipeeps entry took bold steps and combined gold and pink with monochromatic elements, flourishes and swirls against delicate prints-it was a lot of ideas in a small space...playing horizontals against strong verticals brokens by the embellishments was a risky proposition and matte against reflective is always a case of which will win in the end.

The image is risky also-it has a collection of odd elements and lines-not the least of which is a very simnple costume against a head full of feathers which makes her look top heavy.

Somehow ALI managed to take the lines and curves from LOU LOU THE CHORUS CUtIE and echo them in her embellishments so the eye is drawn to the delicate colouring of the digi-the whole card says show biz but the film reels and movie referance takes us to another era and also helps connect the digi image to the card.

The sweetly sentimental print papers shouldnt work here but they add a nostalgic, vintage feel and by isolating the showgirl with the gold foil the prints become the scenery for a razzle dazzle show and the glitxy foil becomes the stage props that ties it all together.

Three very differant cards-three visions any of which would deserve accolades for their merits-The clowns that became Holiday icons, The sparkly Chrismas Angel and the gaudy bawdy showgirl-each by itsself an arresting piece of work.

So for my first RICK'S PICK-recieving a special Badge, this blog mention and her pick of any 2 digis from my shop-the winner must be:


Congrads and please contact me ALI with your choice for your free digis!

Conrads as well to all the entrants for a job well done-see you next time!


  1. Honoured to be in the top 3 and congrats to Ali!!

  2. Lovely choice! Thank you for telling was very interesting!


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