Saturday, October 13, 2012

The partys over...

I had a blast-it was hectic and wonderful and all the things a great poarty should be without the high calorie dip and the hangover...

We had 13 quiz games that ranged from Shakespeare to my Decorativbe painting books-the climax was a frantic treasure hunt won by JULIA VAZQUEZ who took home the winner badge, some free digis and a 31% off discount code.

One highlight was some project sharing:

Julia Vazquez

Elenor Sondstrom

Suzi McKenzie

Shelley Mimi Bo

Helen and Monique shared projects from the Smeared and Smudged 31 days blog Hop- Moniques a hysterical version of her Euro Girl stamp and Helens an adorable trio of Halloween lanterns also featuring HER euro girl stamp---check out the smeared and smudged blog hop for MANY wonderful projects and quite a number using my images!

Thanks again to all those who participated in todays first annual Saturday the 13th event (next year its Monday I think wed'll just MAKE it Saturday anyway) and THANKS especially to my wonderful EDT team Helen, Aletha, Monique, Nataliya, Suzi, Miranda, Hazel, Pauline and Gloria who made today very special not only for our guests but for me as well!!!-BRAVO LADIES!


  1. It was a wonderful day, Really enjoyed myself, Thanks for being the Host with the Most, Hazelxo

  2. And a big thank you for organising it all Rick and your generosity xx

  3. Thanks for the amazing fun and gifts!
    I can't wait till next one.
    Loving all my gifts and proudly displaying my badge!


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