Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hazel Thomson on Striped Fabric

Be sure to drop by the tutorial done by HAZEL THOMSON of my EDT at the Spectrum Noir pen site HERE?

Hazel use my design EURO CLOWN TROUPE as the subject of a carefully thought out demo of how to do shading with the SN pens which I also use and like very much.

The Spectrum Noir pens are less expensive than some of the other brands have a good feel in the hand, well balanced and caps that click on tightly to avoid evaporation. In other words high quality at a bargain price.

I also find the alcohol ink to be well pigmented and vivid with a nice even cover.

Like many designers I was surprised at how much I like the fine point versus the broad and so far am impressed with their durability-they also sell replacement nibs and refill ink.

Congrads HAZEL on doing such a great job with the online tutorial!
Here is one of Hazels colouring projects:

This card uses EEK A MOUSE.


  1. Hazel DID do an amazing job with her tutorial for us on the Spectrum Noir blog today! ANd I'm so thrilled to hear you are enjoying your pens, too!

  2. Thanks Taylor-I don't take product endorsements lightly=I was a media spokesperson fro Delta Technical Coatings (ceramcoat et al) Dahler Roney Robert Simmons (artists brushes) Deco art Americana (paints and mediums, Loew Cornell and Country Folk Art Magazine for many years doing Tv and print-if one endorses a product and its an empty endorsement one hears from the FANS big time-so I was happy to be able to say that I do like Spectrum Noir as a person that has a background of over 45 years in the crafts industry and art products industry-I was also delighted to see that they ship from Anaheim-just a few miles from me here in Southern California...cheers!

  3. Hazel this is gorgeous. i am on my way to look tutorial
    Hugs Nat


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