Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Friendly Neighbors

Karen C a member of the design team over at Create With TLC had posted on my facebook group that she had used my NOEL outhouse for a project-shown here:

Her post and project got LOTS of comments but moreover I started selling Noel Outhouses from my ETSY shoppe.

Come tofind out that PAULETTE the owner of Creating With TLC Does word art and Karen had aske her for a sentiment to go with the outhouse card project-Paulette liked the whole package so much she put it on her club newsletter and boosted sales for me---isn't that the definition of GOOD NEIGHBOR???

Seems Karen and Paulette are at it again---Karen did a card which is currently posted at Creating with TLC featurng my Christmas Couple-You can see the sample image HERE.

Apparently if you buy the image and email Paulette she will send you the word art sentiment FREE----so I think y'all should wander over and see whats going on at Create With TLC---seems like they are pretty nice folks over there!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a big THANK YOU shout out to Paulette and Karen for their kindness and also the kind words about my art from both of them and in honor of PAULETTE'S generosity if you will email me telling me what the sentiment says that she sent YOU
(email me at RICKSTDENNIS@YAHOO.COM) I will semd YOU back a free surprise-hows that for Christmas Cheer?


  1. Thank you Mr StDennis! It's all because you are such a talented artist! :)

    Karen C

  2. So great to see artists collaborating like this :)

  3. You'll find that Paulette is one of the most generous artists around....consistently! So pleased you found her and Karen.
    And now, because of all this kindness flyin' around, I found YOUR fantastic to have a browse...hahaa!

  4. So amazing to see wonderful word art with your great images!

  5. Thank you very much for your kind words...they are appreciated. You have fabulous artwork, and I enjoyed checking it all out.

  6. I love your images! It sure is wonderful to have artists help each other out by spreading the word about other wonderful artists and their blogs.

  7. I love your outhouse and Paulette is a very generous person. Glad that you found her too. Rosie

  8. I just found your blog through Paulette, who I love and she is so kind. I joined your follower list and your e-newsletter. I am so excited to find you. I have looked through your art and it is beautiful. Your outhouse image is awesome for some of the people I know. This is great. Thank you bunches hugs, Cathy K

  9. Just wanted to say HI & "welcome you to the neighborhood"!! I'm off to check out your blog...

  10. So great to see this collaboration!


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