Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to the Creepmas Blog Hop 2012

The Big Blog Hop starts Saturday Dec 1, 2012 on my blog at AIRLESS CHAMBERS (the other Rick St dennis Blog).
Let me just tell you there are 3 blog hops going on at once:
First there is my hop with my EDT ladies for 13 days from DEC 1 thru 13 and we have 13 blogs with projects for you to visit-we will also be doing a roll out of new images one each day on MY blog and one somewhere along the blog trail.
Secondly there is Smeared and Smudged 12 days of Creepmas every other day from Dec 1 thru the 23rd and some of my ladies are participating in that blog hop as well so you might want to follow our path then hop over there and do their path-you can skip the ones you’ve already seen.
Finally the official Creepmas Blog Hop and again some of us are doing that hop as well-the official hop has all sorts of participants not just crafters so again you might want to visit their site and hop their path as well-they also run from Dec 1 thru 13.
We hope you’ll enjoy the many fun and creepy projects that we have planned for you, the new images which will be available daily in my ETSY shoppe and all the other craziness of Creepmas.
Remember Creepmas was a little back lash at retailers that insisted that Halloween started in July and didn’t even wait for Halloween to be over before they added the Christmas merchandise so you had bats and vampires amidst the holly and reindeer and thus was CREEPMAS born.
It’s all meant in fun and is not to be taken as a backlash against any religious holidays…
Please be sure to leave comments so we know you have visited our various blogs-there may be a prize for the person who makes the most comments or leaves the funniest comment-never know…
Start the Rick St dennis and EDT hop HERE…and have a scary little Creepmas…

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