Tuesday, December 4, 2012

art for art's sake

I thought I would get away from Digis and colouring for a day and share some of my art works that I have entered in various contest on the internet and specifically have won public favorite awards.

There are pen and ink drawing colouredwith Prismacolour and enhanced in Photoshop.

Le Cirque

For many years Clowns were the center of my work and the most popular of my pieces at art shows---this is funny because when it was obvious that I wouldpursue a career in the arts my Mother said, "Whatever you do don't paint clowns or bowls of fruit!"

The still lifes were never a big deal but clowns paid the rent many times and I have sold them to some famous clown collectors like Red Skelton and Frank Sinatra.

This particular little clown with his cat has won about 5 times in various contests-I think the colours are what sell it.

This DRAGON is very typical of the fantasy art I have done and still do-mermaids, wizards and dragons also have been some of my most common subjects.

The fantasy digis I now sell have been steady sellers akthough people seem to like the more traditionl images and not the cutsey dragons so much...

A Pierrot with a rose was my trademark for most of my career-it's only recently that I have let that go---pierrots are very specific french clowns and shouldn't be confused with Mimes.

Finally there is this very intense Medusa:

I had won the popular choice award three or four times in a row on a particular site and this piece broke that camels back and I was banned for a year from entering the contests so someone else would have a chance---that seems only fair and frankly since these were blind contests with no names connected to the art it was only good for the ego boost and the free art supplies.

All that is appropro of nothing and is mostly tredding water since I didnt have a project ready for out here tonight>

From the EDT here is NATTI done by Aletha Jane-Aletha handle most of the social media stuff and satallite groups on various NING sites like Paper Craft Planet---I think she does MARVELOUS COLOURING...

Donna won again yesterday and took home the digis-we'll see who wins today
Have fun and enjoy the hop-Smeared and Smudged is hoppingtoday so lots to look at!


  1. Your work is fantastic, Rick! I love the dreamy quality of your pieces, and the wonderful color palettes you used. I think you forgot the intense Medusa, and I would love to see her! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  2. What a fantastic artwork! So beautiful and the colors are amazing! I can imagine that you won several contests with it! And even that you where banned for one year. Lol. My favorite of your artwork is the dragon! Love it and his colors are wonderful!
    I saw already Aletha's 'Natty' and I love the coloring she did! Great work! Greetings, Caroline

  3. WOW Love it all, the colouring is amazing as ever, My Fav piece is the Dragon, its stunning, the colours are brilliant. I used to have lots of Pierrot Dolls in the 80s (they are in a box in my loft now!!) it was a big trend for bedrooms here!

    Well Done on all the awards for them, Im not surprised though they are fab, Love Hxx

  4. wow...............amazing work

    love them all(even the clowns LOL) but the dragon is my favourite by far...

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautifully diverse art with us today. I really like the color pallettes you use, very dreamy.

  6. So glad you added Medusa; she is just fabulous as well!
    Aletha did a wonderful job of coloring Natti--gosh I may have to go get her also. ;^)
    Hugs, Penny

  7. Colors are making me say WOW!!!! Gorgalicious!!!
    Hugs Nat

  8. I know lots of younger folks seem to have a fear of clowns but I love them and these two are exquisite! Your palette is indeed dreamy!

  9. You are one EXTREMELY talented individual!! :)


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