Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Hop Day 2

Yesterday was a great first day and we appreciate the many great comments and visitors.

The daily prize was almost won by "Bonnie" but for some reason she removed her correct answer and never posted on MY blog so the winner turns out to be VICKY F.

The new images were the Alice and my 2013 so VICKY F will recv the ALICE image AND The Prince of Christmas which was featured on this blog since my daily image was a freebie.

Remember you must be the first person to post on both the EDT members blog and My blog AIRLESS CHAMBERS with the information about what the roll out image is and where you found it.

The facebook image contest for the newsletter members was won by Elenor S. it was very hard to decide since we had only a few entries and all were good in their own right so I picked a name out of a hat-literally and Elenor was the winner so she will also get the two images from yesterday (Alice and Prince).

Thanks to all who played and there are still 12 daily prizes so keep your eyes peeled for the new image.

For my post today here on my blog I decided to colour up and make a card out of TURTLE TREE a very popular little design that almost got tossed in the bin.

Several fans had asked for more "Cute animals" while I was still in deepHalloween mode but I kept having 2 images run across the drawing board in my skull-one was an angel pig and the other a silly turtle with a Christmas tree tied to his back;

I purposely coloured this according to the suggestions at Spectrum Noir-I worked from Dark to Light for the most part and besides getting sculpting into the drawing I wanted a sense of a stronger light force from the front of the turtle and a cooler reflected light from the rear which is tricky since you have to plan for both way in advance.

I used a wide range of light greens, warm and cool greys, tans and Golden Browns, some corals and deep Reds and random accent colours-I also decided to augment the drawn ornamnts with swarovski rhinestones on the Christmas tree-sorry they dont show better.
(spectrum Noir LG 1 thru 5,BT 6 and 7,DR 2 thru 6,IG 1, IG 3,CR6,IB1,BG 1 and 2,CT3EB2 and probably a few more I grabbed and forgot-I have a full set plus some extras)

I have entered this project in the SPECTRUM NOIR Animal Challenge.

I also decided since the colours were so striking I would go for a black and white selection fo papers and keep the card less teaditional-I'm pretty pleased with it all in all.

Another design that almost didnt't make it to the shop is North Pole HoeDown-here is a sample done by Hazel Thomson.

I thought it might be too limiting a design due to expectations of traditional Christmas Colours but having since seen a number of versions I find that its only MY mind that is limited and most designers allow themsleves a lot of latitude when colouring images-so we have had Mrs Santa in springy, autumnal and designer colour ways-even tis one has bright green drawers so there you have it!

Have a great hop today...and prize winners contact me as usual for your prizes


  1. What fabulous creations for todays post! I adore the Hoe Down image!

  2. I have been a fan of both of those images so I'm glad you used them! :) Patti

  3. I am a fan of both of those images so I am glad that you are showing both of them. :) Thanks bunches. Patti

  4. Wonderful christmas turtle, looks great! I think Hazel did a wonderful job cooring Mrs Santa too! =)
    Sent an email your way!
    Hugs, Elenor

  5. Nice job! Hope to see more of your work. I think I am going to have to get your turtle... I am a turtle lover!
    Director of Education
    Spectrum Noir


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