Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 7 creepmas blog Hop

I was told today that it is politacally incorrect to Remember Pearl Harbor day and if we have a day honoring THAT event-the Japanese should have a Nagasaki/Hiroshima day---well, they DO---complete with somber bell ringing and lots of ceremony-I think we lay a wreath on the Arizona in Pearl Harbor and thats about it.

Today in Newhall, a little community north of me the managemnt removed the Chrsitmas Tree from the rec room of a Seniors home-they took away their Christmas tree!!!!! Why, because it was politically incorrect...after huge outcry from the southern California community they put it back.

I grew up at a time when the Jewish kid in my school played a wiseman in the Christmas Pageant-no Christmas Pageants anymore, no mangers or Trees in the public Parks---I remember when the streets were festooned with lights and good will---no longer-its all changed.

It doesn't matter what you celebrate at this festive time of year-doesnt have to be religious-why not just celebrate the joy of friends, family and fellowship without any dogma?

So today I am reminding you that we have anew challenge called winter in white-be sure to stop by Sparkle and Glitter and check out the samples by the EDT-I even did a sample project using our sponsors image-can you name the sponsor?

This is a virtual project-I hand coloured the image with my Spectrum Noirs and then scanneed at 600 dpi-I used some elements from ITKUPILLI who does super digital collage elements and put the whole thing together in Adobe CS5.

Here's a close up of the image so you can see the bruise I put on his little noggin.
And below is a 2nd version with a differant colour way.

For my EDT image today I would like to share this one:

This is CATHAY as done by Aletha Jane---one of my politically incorrect images since she is Asian inspired abd is holding a fortune cookie and the fortune out of it.

While there are things I would never do there are other things that just escape me as to WHY they are bad or wrong----usually my art is about things that I find pretty or interesting but fortune cookies and pagodas and chinoiserrie in general are a part of American culture and to me have nothing to do with stereotypes.

SO enjoy the hop-I think Caroline and Donna are neck in neck on daily prizes so some of you need to get in there and challenge these two.

Do smething frosty and Sparkly and enter the challenge you have two weeks to get your entry in.

Have fun and go do something politically incorrect on purpose...


  1. Funny,(actually not at all) I just had a discussion about all this "political correctness" and what a shame it is that many of our Christmas traditions will be lost on this generation. Such a tragedy! Cathay is lovely and tough toenails that she's holding a fortune cookie. Detractors can just put on their "big Girl (or Boy) panties" and deal with it, I say! (but then again, I'm pretty politially incorrect every day and damn proud of it!) xxD Oh, and Caroline is ahead and I'd pretty much given up the ghost, but my kitty got me up tonight. Yea, Goliath!

  2. very cute image, love the bruise you put on him

    the fortune cookie girls is awesome

    I usually don't think of what i do or say is political correct or not, ...... (should probably think more before I speak or do anyway, can't seem to get that in my system LOL )

  3. Great creations you've made, nice touch with the bruise after the snowball! =) I really like Cathay, one of my favorites!
    Hugs, Elenor

  4. I don't see anything wrong with your image, in fact I think it is ACE. Loving the bruise on the little guys head too cute, colouring = fantastic. x

  5. I totally agree with you Rick. This political correctness is gooing a litte bit to far sometimes! Let everybody look at theirself, then you are busy enough. Christmas for me is a fest of being together with your loved ones; think about people who are not so lucky as you and so now and then try to make the world a little better. Religion for me is not important. Everybody is free to believe in what and how they want. And for me everybody is free to live the life they want as far as they respect other peoples choices! Life and let Life!
    And Cathay: I love her!!! She is so nice and those pessimists should look in the mirror sometimes and wonder why they have so many wrinkles! Lol! And Donna, pet Goliath for me because I love cats! Greetings, Caroline

  6. well your images give me the giggles most of the times, and one thing this world is short on is laughter. so THERE! ;)
    I think this one is fantastic!

  7. Ah I love the fact that the wee dragon got a bump on his head, Bless. Mmm I hear ya with the Political Correctness. Its such a shame nowadays!! Sad when we can be happy as we have to watch we are not offending anyone!!

    Love Hazelxo


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