Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 8 of the blog hop

There are some fabulous images coming in the next few days all sliding in to our grand finale on Dec 13.

I doin't think Ive poste this by EDT member Helene who is our talented member from Sweden was recently at a show in Stolkholm-apparently one of the largest scrapbooking/papercrafting shows in Europe/Scadenavia.

Like most atendess she was collecting free stuff and she picked up a copy of this magazine:

Inzpira is (i assume) like INSPIRE in English and is a popular magazine that has a monthly feature on a designer with a couple sample pictures.

Helene said she was leafing through the magazine when she made a most unladylike noise
when she found this page:

Normally the designers chosen use artists and stamps from Sweden but this talented young woman used ME and also an image from MO (which I didnt get a copy of) still its pretty exciting thatTWO AMerican designers were used.

I was very excitedand was able to exchange a couple of emails with the person that had used my image-Its Verushka Valentine BTW and did such a good job that I got a fill page picture of my digi in her finishd project so how exciting is that????

We shard this on the Facebook fan page but I don't believe I had blogged it so here it is as todays item.

Now check THIS out----Monique our mad Dutch Woman-sent in these pictures of her snowy garden and look whoshowed up...recognize this sad fellow???

Yup---looks like SAD FROSTY to me as well!

This is Karen C's version of it-one of my loyal fans and friends on our Facebook Fan site-she works with Paulette who creates word art-I have mentioned her before-they came up with the winning combo for the NOEL OUTHOUSE 2012...via Paulette;s newletter and she gave away the sentiment to anyone who bought my Image.

A little business-it was brought to my attention by Monique---that there was a nasty speck on the Prince of Chrismas Image near Santa's belly-I have fixed iot but if you bought the image and would like the cleaned up version email me at and let me know-Iwill look up your order and send it out...Thanks again to MO for letting me know about that.

Guess thats it for today-Caroline and Donna tied for the daily prize someone must stop this Juggernaut of prize snatching-is there not one super hero than can beatthese women to the punch? LOL....Have fun y'all....


  1. I´m from Sweden.. and now when I see it I remember it :)

  2. Well, congrats on the magazine promotion! :^) And that certainly looks like Sad Frosty to me.
    I'd try, Rick, but I haven't beaten anyone to the punch since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.
    Have a great weekend! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  3. Lol. So now i am a mad dutch woman hey!? I will take that as a compliment coming from you.
    Being a big sad frosty fan i just had to make the poor fellow in real snow

    Love karen's card

  4. A huge congrats on the publication. sooo cool! glad Monique got pix of her snowman before the neighbors had her hauled off to the loony bin. LOL Not totally comfortable with the rivalry that seems to be developing on the hop but it is what it is, I guess. xxD

  5. I love Moniques snowman, Isnt he just brilliant. We hardly had any snow, not even enough to make an ATC sized one :(
    Well Done again on the Magazine promotion, Super, Love Hazelxo


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