Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Its a brand new year and the only 13 we will have for another hundred years so I say make the best of it!

To start off this year I will be posting a series of projects By Monique of my design team featuring little gifts that are easy to make and fun to receive.

I don't know about you but after the holidays I always end up with several "tins" from cookies or candy and I hate to just toss them in the bin...what to do with them?

Monique suggest this quick and easy project using a cookie/biscuit tin and a digi image to recycle what might be thrown away into a little treasure.

Monique says:
easy to make

fussy cut colored digi, cut out circle of patterned paper to fit lid distress edges of circle and put some distress ink on the paper around the edges and all over the paper to age it. Glue circle on lid.

glue paper around the cookie jar (the paper, I used is Tim Holtz, it says Valentines)

on the edge of the lid I made some ribbon, used double sided tape for that

Monique's Blog can be found HERE.

You can easily paint these tins if you'd like a flat colour rather than a paper covering-be sure to sand the surface first with a rather course pad to get most of the printing off then with a finer pad to make it smooth for a nice painted surface.

Unless you use a self priming spray paint be sure to use a good primer sealer-I like two coats allowing to dry between coats-and I always sand lightly even when it says you don't need to.

I have always used a flat or semi gloss spray paint to do my base coat-there are many that are specifically for painting metal-in the USA it's RUSTOLEUM. I often spray in a dark shade then after drying I use a spray tack and lay down a paper doily on top and sides if I can find the large square type-be sure you clean the holes in the doilies well-spray tack will allow the doily to stay down flat but remove easily after spraying.

A great trick is to spray lightly with the base coast colour then after that is dry spray your pattern on with a lighter colour-keep this coat light and even-allow about 10 minutes to set then remove the paper-you will be amazed how crisp the sprayed design is!

Once you have allowed your project to dry thoroughly (at LEAST 72 hours) you should spray the entire finished project with a good sealer finisher-I like DECO ART AMERICANA SPRAY SEALER FINSHER-check out thin link for deco arts products HERE.

I do want to say that I NEVER endorse a product I have not and do not use-Deco Art is a wonderful company and their products are dependable, affordable and of high quality-I used them for many years in my decorative painting projects and articals.

Also remember that there are so many wonderful embellishments available on the internet like German Scrap Papers, foil borders etc and also Martha Stewart crafts makes some wonderful items that would be perfect to incorporate into projects such as this one.

Always use your creativity: Don't want to use a tin? You make be able to find black Chinese take-away containers that are perfect for food gifts like smaller cookies or candies-we have them readily available here in the states in stores that sell to restaurants, caterer's etc and you can also find them especially for the craft's market at places like MIchael's that sell candy making supplies.

The best sort of food container is waxed on the inside but not on the outside-plain paper is easier to decoupage and once finished will also accept a spray finisher-it can be spray painted or brush painted using a matte liquid acrylic and makes quite a durable product when properly sealed and finished.

Be sure to check back for this project series from Monique and for other interesting projects from my EDT members and me.

If you have a special project or "gifty" idea you would care to share drop me an email at rickstdennis@yahoo.com - Please be sure to use my images when doing your projects.
Monique used one of my hat ladies found HERE.


  1. Heel leuk en inderdaad een snel, duurzaam cadeautje.
    Succes met het verdere verloop, ik volg het op de voet.

  2. Very nice indeed and a fast, durable gift.
    Good luck with the course, I follow it closely.

  3. Oh this is a great idea, looking forward to seeing the other creations that Monique does, Love Hxx


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