Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine gifties-part 3

Here's a couple more ideas from Monique-inspiration items for cute little home made gifties for spring (valentines, Easter and Mothers Day).

This cute, simple and very usable candy bag idea is great to fill a decorative bowl-always nice to have some quick gifty goodies for visitors during any holiday season-a simple cello bag becomes a treasure with a colourful paper header-folded and stapled on.

This design uses my VALENTINE TURTLE but could be adapted to any holiday by hanging the digi and colours.

There are some wonderful vendors who sell "antique" or nostalgia candies on EBAY so your cello bag can be full of sweet memories-I used peppermint malted milk balls this past Christmas for some little gifties from NEW RIVER GOURMET.

Their prices wee reasonable, thjeir customer service fantastic and shiopping was quick and well packaged-great source for candy, spices and other goodies.

This adorable candle uses the new VALENTINE MAD HATTER from my Etsy shoppe.

Here's what Monique says about making the project:

is was so cool it worked out the way I hoped, have done this using rubber but never used a digi for this.

the problem is the tissue paper, the image has to be stamped on the tissue paper, and that will be melted on the candle.

The digi would have to be printed on the tissue paper and didn't know if my printer could handle that.......(so you have to warn people I think if they want to try this, the paper can get stuck in the printer)

What I did:

First printed the digi on the paper you normally use to get it coloured

colour the digi

take a piece of tissue paper and cut it slightly smaller than a printer paper, attach the tissue paper to the printer paper using tape, and put it in the printer (the image should get on the tissue paper, so check if the paper is in the printer in the right way) then copy your colored digi to the tissue paper and let it dry a bit.

I stamped the text : "Mad about you" on the tissue paper

cut the image out of the tissue paper leaving a white edge

put the image on the candle and carefully melt the tissue paper into the wax of the candle using a heat gun.

Don't heat the same spot too long cause the candle will melt and get an odd shape, you have to work real quick and move the heatgun over the entire image until the wax is melted into the tissue paper over the whole image and the edges.

Obviously one could use small alphabet letters (stickers, tiles etc) rather than printing on the sentiment and again changing the digi makes this idea great for any holiday.

I think it would be an interesting idea to put votive style candles (maybe 2 or 3) in the cello bag and do the same kind of colourful header as on the candy bag-no worries then about putting the design on the candle-decorative soaps, potpourri and other small items also would make great gifts using this technique.

Be sure to stop by on First Saturday (feb 2, 2013) Freebie day when we will have a super tutorial from Monique AND we will be giving away the 4 very special digis it takes to make the item-don't miss it...


  1. Wow these are amazing gorgeous colouring on that image and the candle is a fab idea xx

  2. WOW these are super, I love them, What great ideas, Love Hazelxo

  3. I've been dying to do a candle but am such a wuss. thanks for the detailed instructions. Love the little candy bag too and I can't wait to see what's coming Feb 2. xxD

  4. Wonderful projects and great coloring! I love making candles, but usually color right on the tissue. I'll have to try your technique.


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