Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentine snow globe by MONIQUE

Continuing Monique's series of little gifty things for Valentines and other spring holidays --- here is a snow globe which Monique has created using my CUPID image.

Any image can be used that would be a suitable size for this project.

Here are Monique's comments on making the item:

ok this was a lot harder than I thought to get it waterproof LOL, and of course impossible to take a pic when the jar is filled with water and glitter. Luckily I took a pic before I put the lid on the filled jar, so you can see what it looks like better.

you will need a jar, glitter, ribbon, liquid glycerin, distilled water, a glue gun, laminator, some decoration

first clean the jar and the lid

I first coloured the cupid (duh!) and cut him out (use some sturdier paper to print the digi on)

then laminated him to make the digi waterproof and cut out again (you have to make sure to cut around the image in a way that keeps it sealed in the plastic)

glue the laminated digi to the inside of the lid using glue gun and add some decoration, I used hearts and silk roses. (make sure you can still put the lid on the jar when everything is glued on)

put some glitter in the jar and fill with distilled water and add some liquid glycerin so the glitter won't drop to the bottom immediately but will float a bit

put the lid on the jar and check if it is waterproof, to be sure you can use the glue gun to glue the lid on the jar to make it waterproof if it is still leaking

glue some ribbon around the edge of the lid to finish.

How you design you snow globe is up to you-one could paint the lid with a spray paint for metal rather than gluing on the ribbon and what you add to the contents of the globe are infinite: Be sure that whatever you use is impervious to oil or water damage.

One can also use clear or white TUB CAULKING to seal their globe rather than hot glue.
Be sure to follow product directions on dry times which can be up to 48 hours.

Many crafty items are painted with finishes that will be soluble in oil so the surface will wither come off or tint the water-also do not use paper glitters or confetti's be sure they are plastic or mylar-most polyester items will be impervious to oils.

Commercial globes especially those made in China-are often filled with mineral oil or a combination of light oily liquids-these help the "snow" additives stay afloat more and also are less likely to yellow or become cloudy.

A quick Google search turned up a number of Snowglobe Kits which may be a great alternative for those who don't have lots of crafting space or who don't want to search out components.

Here is a link for another take on making snow globes at home;

Thanks again to Monique for taking on this series of little gifty things watch for more in coming weeks-I would much rather have something lovingly crafted than just another production line item from China-I wish more people would go back to making things and putting a lot of themselves into gifts-I did that this Christmas and had a wonderful time watching people enjoy my somewhat quirky homemade things.


  1. WOW thats stunning, what a brilliant creation, Love Hazelxo

  2. Super cute project! Why are you concerned about oil? Is the glycerin oily? Does the dye in the silk flowers stain the liquid (water or oil)? I have some mini globes and have never understood what can and can't go into them.

    1. In this case the surface came off the hearts and turned the water blood red-you can see its already pinkish by the last photo--I believe that most globes will hold natural items like FRESH flowers, shells etc, small toys and miniatures plastic or rubber or china are best-NEVER use paper, dried materials or anything that you care deeply about-being underwater for n extended period takes its toll on almost everything

  3. Oh wow this is amazing and thanks for the tutorial great inspiration x

  4. Oh this is just darling, Monique! Thanks for all of the tips. would love to try this. xxD

  5. How neat! What a great project!

  6. Hey Rick,

    Found you on The Outlawz, and wanted to come be a follower. Your art is fabulous!!


  7. This is amazing Mo! What a great idea as a gift item too!


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