Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alice has a Wonderland Tea Party

Monique came up with the idea to make a tea bag book and I said let's do it ALICE-the following is the result-LOTS of drawing and colouring but hey, wouldn't this be fun crafty party? Everyone makes a book and shares their favorite tea with the other guests.

I made mock up tea bag sleeves using a scan of an actual tea bag and then photo shopping my Fantasy tea brands and flavours.

Here's Moniques photos and TUT-watch at the end for a discount deal on the new Alice images:

This was such a fun project to make!

I had thought of making a teabag book, a mini book with pockets that hold tea bags, and told Rick about it, and he had the awesome idea to make it an Alice in Wonderland Teabag book.

He drew al lot of new Alice images for it. In total there are 16 Alice, Randi Dandi images in the book, and most of them are new.

There will be a how to at the end of this post, and there are a lot of pics in it, so enjoy.

All the tea bags that are in the book (aren't these the coolest tea bags ever?0

the front cover of the book

the book closes with a ribbon

Here you can see the pockets with the tea bags in them

the inside of the book

the back cover
a closer look at all the Rick St. Dennis MFA Images used,

Colouring these was a bit challenging cause I have printed them real small, most of the images are printed at 2 inches, some a little bit bigger
Here is how to make the book
You will need:
6 pieces of paper size: 16 cm wide x 8,5 cm high (6,3 inches x 3,3 inches)
score at 8 cm (3,1 inch)
and fold
then you need 7 pieces of paper from 3 cm wide x 8,5 cm high (1,2" x 3,3")
we are going to use these to bind the book

score at 1,5 cm (0,6 ") and fold
use double sided tape to make pockets of the 6 pages, see below

they should look like this
use a 1,5" circle punch to puch out half circles, to make it easier to slide the tea bag sleeves in and out of the pockets

I inked all the edges and the surface of the paper to give it a bit of a vintage look

attach the small strips of paper to the side of the pocket that is closed with the double sided tape, so folded end is going to be the side that is visible at the open side of the book.(use liquid glue so you can move it a bit to make things straight) see pic

then add another page to the other side of the strip

Do this to all pages see pics

the last two strips are going to have the covers on them, it should look like this

for the covers you need 2 pieces of cardboard 8.5 cm wide x 9 cm high (3.1" x 3.5")
to cover the cardboard use a piece of patterned paper that is a bit larger than the cardboard see pic

glue the cardboad in the center of the backside of the patterned paper and cut of the corners, like pic below

score and fold the edges over and glue to card see pic

use double sided tape to attache the ribbon that is going to close the book, make sure it's long enough to tie a bow.

glue a piece of patterned paper on the inside part of the cover, over the ribbon, like this

glue both covers to the remaing strips that bind the book
aline the covers on the backside of the book to the strip, it you donn't do this you will have problems opening the book.
put a strip of patterned paper over the back, to give it a more finished look
see pics below, I also tied a ribbon to the front cover so I could add the rabbit charm

Thanks Monique for this super project-over at my ETSY shoppe there are a few specials on the digis for this project:

The full set of 16 digis used in this project is on sale HERE---Please remember that this is for the full set of 16 images three of which have been sold seperatly previously.

The separate images will be available later this week.


  1. What an amazing project! Monique, you are my hero! And Rick, these new images are neatest ever!! Love them!

  2. OMG That is such a cool project, and those Alice images are out of this world awesome, love the tea bag book, not seen one of those before.
    Awesome work :)

  3. Wow!!!!!! Girl you ROCK!!!! Such a fun and gorgeous project. Love it to the bits.
    Hugs Nat

  4. What a wonderful project. Great new images and fabulous colouring. Vee xx

  5. Fabulous project and such a cool idea to make the teabags with a theme too! Your coloring is amazing! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  6. Monique & Rick~What a great team you make. I love these new images! I love the idea of a tea bag book. And of course so many of us LOVE AIW! This is thrilling! Thanks.

  7. Absolutely brilliant project and thank you for sharing this x

  8. OMG!! You're killing me! I'm gonna have to take out a loan. You KNOW I'm a sucker for anything Alice! Amazing new images, Rick and fabulous project, Monique! xxD

  9. MO you are so amazing, I have admired you for a long time, and you seam to always blow me away w/ your art! I bow down to you my dear! Love this book, I so have to make one now! You know me and my love for AIW!! And of course my Love for YOU! You are a terrific person and talented artist!

    1. You make me blush Kristy. I just coloured the images and glued a book together that's it. The real artist is Rick for drawing these awesome images

      Can't wait to see your version of the tea bag book

    2. Yes, you are so right, Rick can draw his butt off!! They are so corky and fun!

  10. Okay I am back again, I just went and bought them, had to come look at your tut again! This is going to be fun to make this book and of course to play w/ my new images!!

  11. wow this is brilliant and I need all these

  12. OMGosh, this is so fantabulous! What a creation from such crazy-good images! I love them all & I love the book! Thank you for sharing this! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  13. This is such a nice project ! Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep up the nice work, Monique. ;-)

  14. totally stunning, love every piece of it

  15. What a great project, Monique.

  16. Wow, Wow, Wow Monique!!! What a great project and what beautiful coloring! Amazing!!!

  17. What an incredibly imaginative idea!! I'm a big Alice fan myself (have been since childhood) and as such, I'd love to tackle this project one day when I have time to color all of the glorious images that go into it. Just awesome!

  18. Wow what an amazing project it looks simply amazing :) xx


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