Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creepy Glowbugg

Thought I really should take a moment to let all of you know that our wonderful Gloria has a whole other life (and persona)-she is a regular contributor to many blogs including HAUNTED DESIGN HOUSE.

She also has her own ETSY shoppe where she does amazing things with fimo.

I met Gloria quite by accident when she had done remarkable things with my Zombie Stripper digi and she wasn't aware that I welcome designers to share their art with me-if I use it on my Blog I always send thank you gift---so we became friends pretty quickly once we started communicating.

Be sure and stop by her unique and quirky ETSY shop-where she has things like the handmade BRAIN cabochon she used on this project with my Creepster Bunny.

You can also visit Gloria's blog from the link over on the right --------->>>

Just an interesting factoid: I do little euro girl for each Lady when they join my EDT-they are also sold in MY ETSY shoppe; Gloria's Creepy Glowbugg euro girl is the best seller of that series followed by Hazel's little angel/fairy queen.


  1. Oh Ive just been over to her store, Looks brilliant, what a great range of things!! Love the Scary Bunny card its wicked, Love Hazelxo

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Rick. I sound pretty cool when you write about me. :)

  3. Glo you make awesome stuff with fimo. You rock!!

    Love the scary bunny card

  4. Gotta tell ya Rick. This is the persona most of us know and love. LOL Creepy is her first name around the dungeon when she's hanging with the Minions at HDH. Thank God you're buddies and she keeps after ya to turn out your "alternative" stamps. Fab work, sistah! xxD

  5. well I have to say there are a number of my EDT ladies who keep after me including Helen, Monique, Miranda--I do have a group that likes things on the darker side---but its fun doing those various wild ideas...Thanks for the comment Donna


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