Saturday, March 23, 2013

Did you know?

You can use your digis and jpegs for more than just cards and other paper craft projects?

One of the hottest trends is edible, printable cake prints and toppers.

You need a scanned image-hi rez and good colour from there you can order one to 1,000 edible copies online-you can also buy a home set up for about the same price as a cricut or similar cutting device that comes with products and ink so you are ready to go into business.

An 8 x 10 that you make yourself costs less than 5.00usd while bakeries charge up to 30.00usd for a similar service (on top of the cake price).

Printable products can be found online and companies that sell printers, edible inks and edible print media are becoming common.

Custom topped mini cakes that serve about 4 people run about 35.00 up at boutique bakeries and custom topped cup and tea cakes about 7.50 each...home bakers trim about 33% off these prices-many also buy plain white cakes from wholesale warehouses (like Costco) and add simple decorating and printed toppers.

If home baking is prohibited for sale in your area check out renting a commercial kitchen or space in a restaurant kitchen-you can also make a deal to supply local bakeries who do not want to invest in the printing, colouring etc that it takes to do really custom toppers.

Another way to use your digis and pay for your crafting habit!

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