Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Il Pirata

or the pirate (feminine)...

My recent pirate couple has been a hit especially the lady privateer but I wanted something a bit more lush so I came up with this little lady...

Now there is more to the story-I had been kidding with Nataliya about her version of the first pirate lady which I found a big VEGASY.

I maintain that only at the Treasure Island Casino would someone find a pirate in pink boots and green leather...I don't think it's a BAD thing I just think it's a "costumey" thing (nothing wrong with that eh?).

So in Honor of Nataliya we now have the PIRATE NATJA and once again it was a fun event which I tried to keep secret...but alas...

The ladies didn't actually know what instructions were given to the other EDT members but the basic instruction for most of the team was NO GREEN.

Monique - Netherlands

Helen - Scotland

I guess when you take green away from people RED is the next choice?

Helen had so much fun she also did this version-which one do you like better? I think they're both great!

Here's a version from SUZI - Scotland also no green but this one in pastels...

Lady B - USA

another red skirt...

I let Gloria use green but asked for a "pulp Novel" colour scheme-she says she thinks it's more "Calypso"

And last but certainly NOT least poor Aletha Jane got the booby prize-she could do natural colours for the skin hair and eyes but the rest HAD to be green (I am sometimes a cruel IMP).

Aletha says she selected MOSS and OLIVE as her main greens and I actually like it a whole lot!
Certain sense of Irish Panache'.

She also did another version which is pretty swell:

You can get Pirate Natja HERE or use the buy it now button below:


  1. Gorgeous image and beautifully coloured too x

  2. I loved coloring the pirate lady. She is awesome

    Great coloring teamies looks fab

  3. Oh you all are SO BAD!!!!!!!! Lol. Secret from me????? LOL. I look sexy here lol. Rick you are funny Man and i love you!!!!! I love colors on everyone and each one.

    Hmmmm, i can't believe i didn't even knew you can do like that. LOL. Don't you think she should be in my collection????? wink
    Hugs Nat

  4. Your girls certainly know how to bring your images to life! Love them all! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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