Monday, March 18, 2013

Kismet - FATE

I often think that FATE is the most important part of our lives-it has often felt like FATE has dictated many major moves in my life including my career in Digital stamps-I was fated to meet my friend DEE so I could do digis since it was an offhanded suggestion from her that led me here...

I have designed the musical Kismet a couple times-its a beautiful show that is based on music by BORADIN including Stranger in Paradise, Baubles bangles and Beads and my favorite-AND THIS IS MY BELOVED you can hear the original cast sing it HERE.

I have of late been doing more lovely ladies in sumptuous costumes and here is Lahlume the favorite of the Wazir representing KISMET as done by several of my EDT ladies-I assigned the hair colour the rest was up to them...

SUZI McKenzie - Scotland

NATALIYA Simpson - Canada

ALISON Heikkilla - USA

HELEN Cullem - Scotland

In the coming Months this is how you will be seeing my new image rolled out with various versions by my Talented EDT spread over TWO blogs-the more upbeat, cute and pretty images on SPARKLE AND GLITTER and the darker edgier images on AIRLESS CHAMBERS-both blogs will be getting new looks and will also feature how to's, tutorials and product reviews and information as well as invitational GDT spots by talented fans, contests, quizzes and who knows what so don't miss a moment-our intention is to have something new every 3 days on one of our three blogs (including mine).

Remember there is a tab above where you can find out where I m sponsoring every month so you can get in on challenges where my images are prizes and there are hand links to the other blogs and my ETSY shop and Facebook pages so make this the start of your visit.

I hope you enjoy the changes we are making-its all KISMET!



  1. Such a fun to see same image in the different way by coloring. Good job Girls. Rick thanks for this gorgeous image.
    Hugs Nataliya

  2. Wow she is gorgeous Rick and i love all the dfferent coloured versions. Beautiful coloring all!!

  3. Beautiful image and fab coloring! Takes me back to high school when I missed being in the production because of mono. BooHoo! xxD

  4. Beautiful EDT! You all did amazing work!

  5. Oh shes a Stunner, Love her. Hazelxo

  6. She's gorgeous and so much fun to colour. I love seeing her in all he different colour variations, truly awesome work ladies <3

  7. well done fellow teamies - amazing work on a lovely lady xxx

  8. Beautiful image, Rick, and wonderful coloring by your talented EDT! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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