Saturday, March 9, 2013

SNS Design Team Throwdown

I always enjoy participating in events over at SMEARED AND SMUDGED - Love their Bloghops and have been a sponsor several times-Terra and Tori are good friends and good neighbors in our industry.

Obviously when they announced the new DESIGN TEAM THROWDOWN, the St DENNIS EDT wanted to be a part of the fun!

Monique, Miranda and I are the first team for this event from our group and what a joy it has been working with my "DUTCHIES" (As Monique refers to my 2 Netherlands EDT members).

It's an interesting endeavor to create a cooperative 3 piece project across thousands of miles and 9 time zones but I am happy with our results and even happier to share them with you here.

First there is my piece of the puzzle:

The first challenge required that there be elements of paint and spatters...we discussed what we wanted to do as far as the type of project and the ladies came up with ART JOURNAL PAGES, something Miranda frequently does.

We then discussed subject matter, our colour palette and other pertinent details and I got to drawing-sent out the image and we each picked which one of the three characters we wanted to include in our individual section of the project.

My concept was 3 ZOMBIE painters-poor guys were putting up a sign for ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE when the ZA hit.

Each section would work on its own and the three sections would be connected when finished by the word ZOMBIE in the background-also each piece would have it's own "quote" Monique and Miranda came up with some ideas and I found a couple-interestingly the quotes are connected as each is about BRAINS (not a big surprise when there are ZOMBIES INVOLVED.

Then we began sharing our projects via progress shots to compare colours and composition.

After a remarkably short time we were done and the final thing was for me to composit the three finished works into one mural-just so there would be a record of how it would look as one.

Here is Miranda's Zombie #1:

Here is Monique's Zombie #2:

And once again here is my Zombie #3:

Finally here is the composited, photoshopped and connected triptych-I borrowed elements from each section and moved them around to add flow to the full mural also for colour and textural continuity:

My Zombie was printed on Nenah white linen and coloured with promarkers.

The 3 Zombie Painter digi stamps will be available in my ETSY shoppe just in case you'd like some more ZOMBIES hanging around your projects-I have developed quite a collection of Zombie Digis-you will find them in THE CRYPT section of my shoppe.

Now you can see our entry and the various other design team entries over at SMEARED AND SMUDGED and if you are a member you can vote for your favorite!

The winning team each challenge will get a special badge and "bragging rights" that they took the prize in the SNS Design Team Showdown.

I sincerely hope viewers will vote for the pieces they feel are the best in colour, composition, theme, execution etc. and NOT make it a popularity contest-you can tell when you look at the projects that everyone has worked hard on their creations and each one deserves to be judged on its own merits.

Thanks to Monique and Miranda my teammates for all their work and support this week (and always), hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes at the creation of our project(s) and also hope you will follow future episodes of the SNS Design Team Throwdown-challenges are every two weeks one week to work and one week to vote-the winners of THIS chapter will be announced one week from today...

If you are not familiar with SMEARED AND SMUDGED they handle both Digital and Rubber Stamps and are a part of the edgy, spooky, darker side of stamping-membership to their site is FREE and there are MANY fun events throughout the year-one of the highlights is the 31 days of Halloween BLOG HOP---not to be missed if you are a Halloween Fan.


  1. it was so much fun to work on this project with oceans between us and timezones too, but I so love the endresult, it looks fabulous


  2. Wow! This is awesome chunk of Art. Well done to you all.
    Hugs Nat

  3. Looks great hey??? Loved working with the both of you it has been so much fun



  4. Oh how fun is this!? Fabulous individually and totally amazing as a group. Love the new images. Well, done! xxD

  5. You three are amazing! This project was wonderful and does look like it was a lot of fun working that close, yet so far. (sorry) I do love your coloring and layout for your zombie. Great work and great team work too.

  6. I should be offended by this sentiment...... my husband is a painter and I might be when I stop laughing..... so freakin funny :)

  7. OMG this co-operation between the three of you is amazing. This is truly teamwork. Great concept and the hard work shows. Fabulous images, wonderful colouring and the execution of release is inspired. Good luck in the challenge Rick xx

  8. WOW this is brilliant, I love how you guys have worked together, Its stunning, off to visit the Girls blogs now to see theirs,

    Love Hazelxo
    P. S Loving the new header xx

  9. Fantastic zombie pages you made together, love the quotes and the style of the painters! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  10. What a pleasant surprise to see a triptych project made from all three projects. Brilliant idea. Wonderful project, Rick. Good luck!

  11. I am just amazed at what can be accomplished over long distances! Gotta love technology! This is a fabulous piece put together; and there are three fabulous pieces taken apart! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  12. what a fun piece. I love to see people enjoy and have fun and this piece is awesome.
    susan s


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