Monday, April 22, 2013

END the bullying and the Prudery

I had really hoped we were in the process of growing up in this country (USA) and the world.

I thought we had all finally seen that a little nudity is just that a little nudity and extreme violence and war are the pornographic things in our society?

They're blowing people up and killing kids in BOSTON but there are people who have the time to make an issue out of something that should only be making smiles.

WARNING: There's a bare breast in the following vintage photo and the sentiment may be a little too spicy for some so view with that warning OK-otherwise just click off NOW!!!!

As you know I give an award that's called RICK'S PICK for cards that use my digital images beautifully-today I am giving the award to FIONA of I DON"T DO STRAIGHT LINES for her funny but tasteful entry in the SMEARED AND SMUDGED BLOG HOP.

The theme is DIRTY and VINTAGE and clearly says that entries can be grundged up or can actually be "Dirty" in the smutty sense.

Several of my design team entered-we love to play at SNS.

BUT there's always one who has to slap a wet blanket on things-and to be TOTALLY FAIR AND HONEST, Fiona did enter her card in a challenge outside the hop zone-My EDT did as well and I think Moniques card has a bare breasted she-devil---anyway the host of the blog decided to lay into FIONA in a comment but also called out ALL the women who had commented about the card and said it was a good project, a little naughty and well done---they were cowards in her eyes----you need to visit Fiona's blog and read the comment---so 1950 PTA.

Of course many of the artists and designers who follow these sorts of things and love SNS flew to Fiona's defense and I hope you'll agree it's a tempest in a teapot:This card is well done and fine as it is!



LESS offensive than most comedians material and far less nudity than an episode of Game of Thrones.

Fiona you deserve an award for being straight up honest and brave so your card is my RICK'S PICK for this week!!!


  1. I think the card is great, not a lot of nudity in the sense of what we see on TV, movies or online nowadays! Fantastic card and great pick from you Rick!
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. LOL I had to come read your post, I have many of the same issues with my own designs (Graphicatstamps if you're interested) and their *language* and *subject manner* and I tell people the same, if I offend you, just leave and don't come back, I wont miss you. You are so right in what you say above that there are SO MANY WORSE IMAGES AND ACTIONS on the news every night than a small breast being shown. Good on ya for sticking to your guns!
    Crafty hugs

  3. I think its a wonderful card and would be quite happy to buy it and give it to a relative or friend well done hun x

  4. well done for sticking up for her brilliant card gave me a chuckle some people don't have a sense of humour at all not every thing has to be cutesie and sweet and after all the majority of people that make cards and enter them are adults so where's the harm some people make me sick
    Now look you've started me off lol Fiona good for you and gorgeous work as always might use that line myself hehe
    Jacki xx

  5. Couldn't have said it better...great job Rick!!!

  6. Great post Rick.
    I think fiona's card is a very pretty one and the senti is funny

    Can't understand the fuss about a card with a little nudity on it when there are much worse things happening in the world.
    Great job with the card fiona you deserved the award and well done Rick for making this post

  7. :O :O :O shocked of Eastbourne here..............................that anyone could find fault with this awesome card! It's given me a chuckle and tbh I think you'd find more offensive ones in Clintons!!!! x

  8. Right you are Rick and compliments for Fiona!!! What a ridiculous and narrow minded people live on this earth! You see the most gruesome images on tv every day and you can watch the most horrible and erotic films on tv and than there are people who complain about this??!! I would say to those people: : GET A LIVE!" Fiona, keep making these cards, they are great! Greetings, Caroline

  9. fingers crossed she doesn't look at Bottecelli's Venus rising or see Micheal Anglo's David and as for Bernelli's Saint Treasa as Cartman would say "you have warped my fagile littel mind."EE

  10. Fi ROCKS and so do you, Rick! This card was the hit of the hop IMOHO. Made me chuckle ALL DAY! Well deserving of this awesome award! xxD

  11. I thought this card was beautiful to look at, and humorous as well. Much respect to you, sir, for giving Fiona this award, and for writing this post.

  12. Big hugs to Rick for standing up for Fi she is a incredible artist the card is beautiful and as I said in her comments the senti is funny and like I said in a private statement to her the ones who judged her probably go to bed with a brown grocery sack on their heads.Thanks again.
    susan s

  13. Fiona always does very tasteful and beautiful artwork. No exception this time either. The anonymous comment is nothing but a cowardly attempt to appear superior in her own shallow mind. Fi deserves the award, hands down! Congrats Fi!!

    1. So true, she was a coward for sure w/ her mean comment!

  14. I am so open to this kind of cards or images. I just love beautiful people. Really awesome card.
    Hugs Nataliya

  15. Thank you all for your kind comments and your support :)

    Rick, you hit the nail on the head, and very eloquently, I must say. I've not seen Game of Thrones.....perhaps I should start watching it?????? LOL

    I am touched and honoured to receive your award. Thank you very much :D

  16. Well I loved it...., it was a complete "Coffee Spitter" :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Thank you, Rick. I think the card is hilarious, I had a good chuckle. And at least here in Germany children are confronted with much ruder (not saying the card is rude :-)) and more sexualized violence and speech on the schoolyard. Plus the beautiful image is tasteful in my opinion and much less realistic than much of the stuff children have to experience in the real world. BTW I don't know one single kid that spends his time hanging around on crafting blogs, I think they prefer more exciting and real life fun. Suzanne

  18. Well Done to Rick and Fiona. I loved the card and it was brilliant for the theme. Love Hazelxox

  19. Fiona's award is well deserved! Her card is beautifully and tastefully done, nothing gross about it. The human body is a beautiful thing! The senti is funny! There are worse jokes on Facebook then this one! Some people are just Prudes! I have no use or room for prudes! I really don't think children are sitting on the computer looking at challenge blogs and then going to say OH my look at that one card.... If a kid is going to want to see nudity they are going to google Porn, not cards. Some people are just mildly retarded like Diane!

  20. LOL! Love the card...Beautiful job Fiona!!!



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