Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Image - BLOG EXCLUSIVE - Limited Time only!

This new portrait image called "JANE" is available for a limited time only and ONLY on my blog via PAYPAL...

This famous character face will add a bit of spunk and camp to your cards-especially when you need someone a little off center to deliver your greetings.

I know you will enjoy using this digi in your everyday projects and he will be very handy to have for Halloween and Creepmas as well!

Yhe order box is just over there


  1. She is sheer perfection!!!! Your ability to reproduce realistic famous faces is stunning!

  2. Thanks Glow--Sometimes they click and sometimes not and it has to be the right face---I have a stack of requests that I haven't filled yet because I just cant capture that secret something that makes it look right-one little thing throws the whole image off-someone famous said "A portrait is a picture of someone with something wrong with the mouth"...

  3. Baby Jane - OMG I loved that film and this captures her to a T xxx

  4. This is amazing Rick. The likeness is awe inspiring. You have the uncanny ability to capture not just the face, but the whole feeling of what is going on at that time. Gorgeous work!

  5. Wow I think the rest of the ladies summed this up perfectly :-)

  6. EEEK! that movie is a fave but always gave me nightmares. Fabulous likeness Rick! xxD


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