Friday, May 24, 2013

GDT-Mark Gould

I am so happy to present Mark Gould to you as a guest design Team feature-I think it's important for we few blokes of the crafty family to hang together-as I have oft described it a tiny drop of testosterone in a sea of estrogen.

Luckily both Mark and I seem to work well with the ladies-all of you know how much I treasure my EDT ladies and all they do for me and Mark is stalwart over at Haunted Design House-a great place to check out for their Monday challenges-I drop in and play there when I can because the themes are always interesting and the quality of the work produced for the challenges is often jaw dropping-many friends , fans and EDT members from my team are also actively engaged at HDH.

Here is a wee candid shot of Mark followed by a short introduction written by the man himself:

Hi, For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mark, I'm 35 and from the Uk.I work for myself as a landscape/contract gardener and Have been crafting for about 18 months and in that time have become a bit of a craft'o holic.I am loving most forms of crafting and trying new things, mixed media is a big love as is altered art and I love making ATC's and tags, the only thing I really do not like making are cards.

Style wise I will try most things (not too cute) shabby and vintage and of course dark and gothic always put a smile on my face,the darker the better really, I think it goes back to an adolescence of listening to music from people like Alice Cooper and watching films like The Crow.

With that in mind it was great fun working with Rick's images. There just is nothing quite like it out there at the moment. Out of the two images that were sent to me I think 'Monster' came out looking the best, I was able to use my favourite shades of green and with the details rick adds to his drawings it really helps accent the shading and give more depth to the finish.Its also naturally the right dimensions for tags, I did not need to manipulate it at all, always a result in my book.

Entity was a challenge, I love the image and looking back I might try different colour combos next time, I'm not to sure I carried the red of as well as it could have been. The amount of detail is amazing and yet it does not over complicate how you add colour and even fussy cutting was not as bad as I thought it might have been.

Id like to say thanks to Rick for the opportunity, I was nervous as I could be as his DT do wonders with the pro markers,copics and coloured pencils but hopefully I have done them some sort of justice. And Id like to say thanks to you for reading this. x
Mark x

In my book, Mark had no need to feel nervous about his colouring as both these images were so well done and certainly convey the feeling I had intended for each-I am crazy about the textural frame that Mark use on ENTITY and (funny thing) I just love the way he coloured the whole Monster but especially the teeth-he really caught that olde Ivory sort of shading-well done you Mr Gould!!



You will be able to find these new digis in my ETSY shoppe.

You can find much more of MARK GOULD's creations on Haunted Design House, at Smeared and Smudged and especially on his BLOG-click HERE to visit.

Special thanks to Mark Gould for taking his time to do this Guest Design Team spot for me and I am so happy to share his work with all of you...have a great weekend...CHEERS!!


  1. Incredible creations! Very well done! Will certainly be paying Marks blog a visit. Beautiful coloring, by the way! (At least as beautiful as a monster can be!) lol... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice to have you here Mark. Your projects are incredible gorgeous.

  3. Mark~These are both beautifully done. You shouldn't second guess yourself. I really enjoyed both! Patti

  4. Mark is really really awesome! And with your digis well can't be other than Great!

  5. Nice to meet you Mark! I love what you did with the digis. Of course I am partial to Frankenstein! :) No need to be nervous around the "estrogen pack", most are through menopause! lol LOVE Alice Cooper and "The Crow", you are right, nothing else out there like Rick's digi's! Love the work on your blog...keep at it!

  6. Well done Mark - how fab to see you as GDT with Rick and you made some AWESOME creations there !!! Nothing unusual there though :-D You are always an inspiration.

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. What the...? Where am I?! Where is Rod Serling hiding?! Lol!
    Will miracle never cease? This is amazing! Mark has certainly done Rick's images justice on many levels. Gorgeous coloring both, but Entity has had me stumped for weeks. Nice to see someone tackle that involved, yet amazing image.
    This post has done my heart good. :)

  8. WOW Mark, these 2 pieces are gorgeous. Congrats on the GDT spot. You did justice to those two images for sure, don't know why you were nervous. xx

  9. Yay Mark. Great job on both. Good to ser you here

    I think the colouring is awesome

  10. "WOW" Abolutely stunning creations Mark your so talented xx

  11. WooHoo Mark! A huge congrats! The Minions certainly are represented in this neck of the woods. FABULOUS work on both creations. xxD

  12. Thank you everyone. It was great fun playing with the images.

  13. Great coloring and fabulous fram for Entity! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  14. Congrats Mark.... jaw-dropping creations as always.... you did the minions proud...again!

  15. fabulous creations Mark, luv them both


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