Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet another new EDT member ANNA

ANNA LILJA has been with the team for awhile and is the partner of MILO-we are so glad to have a married couple in the time of marriage equality coming of age across our planet.

Anna is from Sweden also and will be working a lot on the Airless Chambers side of our blog world (she is also a member of Smeared Ink design team).

We are happy to welcome ANNA to the EDT-here is a project she made from one of my Silent Hill images (available in the CRYPT section on my ETSY shop).

Here is the image coloured without the project...

You can visit ANNA's Blog by clicking HERE.


  1. What a fantastic project! Love it!

  2. welcome,once more, to the team. such a fabulous debut project, love it. xxx

  3. Brilliant project and welcome x

  4. Love this Anna! Looking forward to working with you.


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