Saturday, September 7, 2013

I have been so irritable...

It's the heat---the heat and no snacks and no puddings---its a stupid thing to start dieting in this sort of weather-what am I doing-becoming more healthy so I can suffer longer?

I was comparing notes with Della from IBFS-its 107F where she is with thunder and flash floods-O I have decided we are on the Misery Loves Company world tour and we are out of T shirts in Tulsa.

It has to break eventually-It cant still be summer in January or we will all know we are about to crash into the sun and there will be pandemonium.

Do you still listen to the radio? Have you noticed what a huge flock of miserable radio announcers full of doom and gloom there are-and it doesn't matter whether right or left-they just all have a huge crock of buggy peanut butter and sand coated suckers-doom is our only possible way out....

I broke down a remailed the free images for September so some of you who are NEW to the mailing list may or may not have gotten them-I assure you I am not sending them out again -they are ensconced in my shoppe FOR SALE.

I never thought about selling the freebies after-I think it was Aletha who suggested I run them for a week or so and then put them up for sale.

Three Chimney Cottage is the first image I did this with-and it has been one of my best and steadiest sellers.

Since I was already in a black and dismal humour I decided to compare my mailing list with people who had bought an image in the last two years-that was a venture into disappointment-sort of an "I LOVE YOUR WORK-=so long as its free!"

One of the people who missed her newsletter this month emailed me and asked if I would rush the free images to her since she didn't get them-she also took time to apologize for not buying any images from me but she can't afford it since she has to buy Cricut stuff and images from another artist who she likes better.

That made my day.

Another told me that if I was going to HAVE a newsletter and give things away its my DUTY- (MY DUTY mind you) to see that everyone is treated equally and all get the free stuff in a timely manner.


It goes on but I will spare you some of the more annoying missives-Dealing with the public is something I have done pretty much all of my life-I should be immune by now-but since I am still pretty much human...

I get some of the nicest messages from people-so I apologize if one of you nice folks got into my cross hairs while I was dealing with rampant greed on another front.

I believe still that people-as a general group-are pretty swell.

I still try my best to be kind and generous like my Mother taught me to be (although she was so passive aggressive that she could say No and there was never a negative word in the sentence).

HEAT and age-and lack of snacks and puddings.

Here I am the grumpy old curmudgeon I said I would never become-I was actually fairly grumpy and curmudgeon like in my youth although I had a much better sense of humour and my ability to seem to have patience was much better honed.

People actually made pilgrimages to visit my temple of eternal patience and understanding-trust me when I say it was all an illusion created so I wouldn't be shunned by humankind in you love "WHO will play me in the MOVIE"?

Simon Pegg---anyone who knows me knows I have a huge fondness for Simon Pegg=noted ginger, English actor-plays SCOTTY in the new Star Treks and the assistant in Mission Impossible-he has a whole string of his own films Sean of the Dead. Hot Fuzz, PAUL and the latest END OF THE WORLD (about an epic pub crawl spiced with robot zombies with blue blood-led by, Why Not! Pierce Brosnan..

SO I will select Simon Pegg to play me in any and all feature films or lengthy series on the BBC, _especially if they revive AB FAB and decide to write in my character--SP is a must.

I know I should hold out for one of the Hollywood demi-gods byt Keanu is looking old and used, Pitt has luggage under his eyes and Travolta-well, do I need to saying ANYTHING but Travolta? One of a sad trio including Nick Cage of men who were once attractive and now have hair of a colour that doesn't exist in nature...well actually it does exist if you consider BLACK HOLE a colour.

So that's it then-Simon Pegg plays me in the films, I am in a snit because of Heat, Humidty, lack of salt and sugar and the possibility that Simon Pegg won't be available hence they will cast some random actor whats that new one who has a brother who plays THOR-very tall, very handsome, very dim.

While I was in a mood to abuse people I called my cable company and demanded (and got) 50% off my premium channels for a year. That's whats called harnessing the Krakken---take that negative energy and use it as a force to save money and get more mediocre films delivered to my set in sparkleing Hi def colour and sound.

I made a dreadful mistake at another point last year when It was too watm and signed my life away for a new cable company who offered the world but deliver the standard drap one gets from Cable companies-they just do it slightly cheaper-I am locked in to a 2 year contract but they seem willing to make it possible for me to pay the bill by reducing rates here and there when I complain.



  1. Oh, my, well you really have some sweet followers, don't you? I'm terribly sorry, but I had to laugh out loud at the Cricut-gal and the duty-gal. Amazing the gall some creatures have, isn't it?
    Keep your sense of humor, Rick. Sometimes it's all we've got left. ;^)
    Hugs, Penny

  2. Sorry to hear the heat is still bothering you, hoping that it cools down soon, so you feel better. Completely understand the grumpiness due to dieting, I'm exactly the same, but I had to do something I had got fat, fatter than i've ever thought i possibly could, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Progressing well, but still a long long way to go, but needs must.

    As for people only wanting freebies, it seems to be a sad case but true; the only comfort i can give you on this front is that your not alone, I've heard the same thing from quite a few artists who create images for us lucky crafters to play with. Guess there is not much comfort in that really!!

    I do hope Simon Pegg is available to play you in the Movie, that would be so cool. I can see the similarities, both incredibly talented men with quirky senses of humour. Who shall play me? That one needs some thought!

    Glad to hear you got something positive out of your mood tho, and took on Mr Cable Guy. Funny how we've hundreds of challenges to watch now and still nothing on!

    Here's hoping the weather and your mood breaks soon.
    Sending love

  3. There is not a huge amount I can say, to that excpet I am sure Simon Pegg would be honoured to play you. I do understand about the snit due to heat and lack of sugar as I am on day 4 of new change the way I eat scheme, I am tired and I have ZITs (in my late 30s for crying out loud) and every sodding advert of TV is about something which has more calories then there are insects in the world. but You made me laugh and I do buy your images and while I am grateful for freebies, the quality of images is why I use your work.EE

  4. Poor you, I can see why you are so despondent, I am one of those 'orrible little people who don't order enough off you, but LOVE to have your newsletters, NOT just for the freebies either, as I love to hear you say what you like, it makes me cheer up.

    Please keep sending the newsletters, with or without a freebie. Thank you.

  5. Oh my goodness, you made me laugh with this one. I think you have an awesome sense of humour in a dry curmudgeon It might be your duty...your cut yourself a little slack and have a pudding because you'll be really upset if we crash into the sun and you deprived yourself. On a more serious note, there are many of us out here who totally appreciate that you share your talent and creativity by offering your amazing images for sale and that you sponsor so many challenges. You don't owe anyone any freebies. Your images are a treat and I for one will continue to buy them. I have such fun with them and at such a small price. Hope your heat breaks soon! Let me know when the t-shirts are back in

  6. Can I just say, what a brilliant post and fabulous vent. We should all do that more often :-) Hope you have a great Sunday :-) P.S, I am not be sarcastic :-)

  7. Oh Dear !!! Not a happy bunny then ??? !!!
    Well - I think I'll just say "kissy, kissy, hugz" and run away while I have the chance :-D

    Sending soothing vibes...

    IKE xxxxxxxxx

  8. Well,I have been extremely grumpy too... I am blaming it on horomones! I was thinking about the whole freebie thing, and I had a couple about instead of a freebie, you did a coupon for buy one get one free valid for a short amount of time and only for ONE image? Or buy one image and get the bonus freebie image as a "reward" again for a short time only- I dont know how logistically this would work, but just some ideas- I do feel for all artists who are struggling these days with trying to share and be justly compensated as well. Sending a hug from Winnipeg!

  9. You should know how I feel. I'll just add more hugs to the many you've had. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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