Friday, September 6, 2013

So many changes-so little time

Hello from sweltering Southern California where the temps today are supposed to be mid-ninties and high humidity-HORRORS!!

It should be starting into fall weather-misty cool and the sky at sunset that wonderful peach frappe colour with grey fog on the hotizon.

Have you been over to Airless Chambers and Spakle and Glitter? Lots of new stuff---we have 2 new EDT member Julia and Lisa both are enormous assets to the team.

For those interested in the September Images-they are available here:
After I have mailed out newsletter images they become part of my stock and are for sale at my EWSY shoppe-if you sign up now for the newsletter you will receive the OCTOBER image for the challenge...the back to school kids are ONLY available voa BUYING them and BTW I have sent them out TWICE because people said they didn't get the newsletter-lets face it they didn't want my ramblings about the heat etc they wanted FREE STUFF-so these images are no longer FREE STUFF sorry-I think I have now done my bit for this month.

ALISON did the rendition above of the back to school kids freebies "BUDDY" and "BAD BITSY" the colours she used.

The one's below are from LISA:

Thanks for the support on the Pinterest Issue-as you may know I no longer will be posting freebies on the internet-they are now sent via email with my monthly newsletter-the back TO SCHOOL KIDS for this month.

Next Monrh (October 2013) we go back to challenges on Airless Chambers and Sparkle and Glitter and it will be ONE challenge per monrh alternating between the two blogs so OCTOBER will be AIRLESS CHAMBERS>

We will also be having blog hops and lots of other fun activities and many of them require you to belong to the mailing list so be sure and sign up.

REMEMBER: When you sign up for the mailing list you must put your email address in the TEXT of the message so something like this:

Please add me to the mailing list using this email mail address

If your email address is not in the text of your message we discard the request - I don't have time to track you down and tell you how to do it so PLEASE be sure the email is in the text of the message!!!!

Here are a couple more BACK TO SCHOOL KIDS - these are from Aletha:

Aletha was telling me about how much BUDDY reminded her of her son (and Bitsy the assertive side of her daughter)-so as a surprise for Aletha (and all of you) I thought you might like to see the ORIGINAL BUDDY:

There he is sweater, bow tie and cowlick-That would be ME just about 60 years ago...

And YES Aletha I was every teachers pet for many years...

Because sales have been so slow and because we are cutting down to ONE challenge a month I will be sending out ONE freebie from now on instead of the usual two - sorry - the good sales on my site made it possible for me to be more generous with free images-besides my blogs I also sponsor MANY challenge blogs each month-they are listed under the WHERE AM I SPONSORING tab on this blog---I am sponsoring all 31 days of the Smeared and Smudged Halloween Blog Hop for instance.

Have fun visitng the other two blogs and we hope to see many of you entered in the October Challenge on AIRLESS CHAMBERS.

Here's another version from Lady B to send you on your way!


  1. Oh, they are great little kids and the Girls' colourations of them are superb !!!
    LUV the pic of 'little You' :-D Sooooo cute :-)

    I don't seem to be getting my Newsletter coming through :-(

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Rick These Creations Ares Fabulous And The Images Are As Always Super. Great Old Picture And Hope You Get Some Cooler Weather Soon. I Didn't Receive Any News Letter With These Freebies Could You Please Make Sure I Am On Your Mailing List And If Possible Send Me This One To Thanks

  3. Aw, I can understand why you were the teacher's pet. For a very long time my son was too. Teacher's can't help it with those charming smiles and slicked down hair. Thanks for making my Saturday and sharing a part of you!

  4. Weren't you just the cutest little the bow tie! Buddy & Bitsy look like they would be a bit more of a handful than you were!


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