Saturday, November 16, 2013


I started doing the somewhat racy Burlesque elephants many years back-they were very popular at art shows and always had a humorous slightly bitchy edge to them.

I did many versions of the "girls" backstage waiting to "go on" where one had used scissors to cut another's costume strap leading to a "major wardrobe malfunction" as they say these days.

In  the early 2's I was working with a company trying to develop a line using the elephants and there was a whole story about a plane goin down in a remote jungle and a cult of BurlesqEphants springing up.

While going through some boxes I found quite a number of usable drawings that I thought were worth bringing back as digis and my sexy, voluptuous elephant ladies in their extravagant costumes were among them.

Karen of my design team does some wonderful teams ups so she asked Paulette of CREATE WITH TLC to come up with some sentis that she could use with the Elphants.

This one is LET IT SNOW and below is BurlesqEphant

Be sure and pop over to Paulettes site and see the senti sheet she did for the "girls"...

Thanks to Karen for the great job on these cards.

This perky lady is LIMEHOUSE


  1. These are so cool, Rick. I had to go check out the others on their personalities. The TLC sentiments are a great pairing. My little mind is spinning with ideas :)


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