Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My friend KAT

I was privileged to meet and now work with a wonderful lady named Kat Petersen-an MFA in ART HISTORY from TUFTS University who is now finishing up her 2nd Masters degree and looking to a future career as a therapist.

I needed an assistant for the year long art program I am doing in Orange County and Kat was recruited for a few months of Tuesday afternoons while she finishes up "school".

Certainly wonderful for me to have someone so qualified help me with my classes and she's a great person to get to know and chat with as well.

I found out that KAT is also an ETSY seller and I know her wonderfully crafted and researched
Mother Goddesses and fertility symbols will be of interest to some of you as well>

You can find KAT'S shoppe at .

I love that she sells "Pocket Goddesses" and also how detailed and carefully researched and presented her work is.

Some of her pieces are quite explicit but do remember these are copies of antiquities and true to the intent of the original historic artwork.

Enjoy Kat's work and I hope that some of you ill include her powerful women in your personal art collections.


  1. Oh WOW Rick these are brilliant, So glad to hear you have a Helper. Hope alls well with you, Love Hazelxox

  2. Stunning goddesses she has created! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  3. Thanks for sharing this information, Rick.
    Kat, your work is amazing and inspiring.


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