Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The one and only...

I am so happy to be working with Kit and Clowder and specifically with Alyce Keegan one of those people whose work makes your jaw drop and you find yourself emitting that, "I wish I could do that" squeak.

Several of my EDT ladies are taking classes over at K&B and loving it and I can see how even accomplished colourists improve.

Alyve was so kind as to colour up one of my images-the very popular Goddess of Moonlight on Evening Fog-one of 1,000 Chinese goddesses series I have been working on.

You can find this image HERE in my ZIBBET shoppe.

Look carefully at her technique on the folds and billowing cloth---beautiful.

I hope to be working with Alyce in the future so stay tuned.

Thanks to ALYCE KEEGAN for her glorious work!

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  1. Absolutely stunning colouring and gorgeous image x


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