Thursday, September 11, 2014

NEW, Fun and starting NOW

Bonnie came up with the idea of having a pick of the week contest and we all loved the idea so here is how it works:

Each week from Monday to Sunday each member of the EDT (and I) can pick a project using MY digis that they find on Facebook or on a blog or wherever.

They will then submit this item as a Pick of the week Nominee-the person who is nominated gets the lovely badge (seen above) and will be in the running for the WINNER badge-voting will be held the week after you are nominated and will last for one week when the next group of nominees is announced the winner of the previous week will be announced as well and that person will get the WINNERS badge for their blog, website or Facebook Page.

Each month the 4 (or maybe 5) winners will be offered for votes and a PICK OF THE MONTH winner will be announced-that person will get a special badge and will be entered in the PICK OF THE YEAR contest.

The 12 monthly winners will vie for pick of the YEAR by popular vote and the winner will receive  a special badge and a prize.

This is an extra fun way to thank the designers who use my digis in the projects and get all those nominated projects in one place for you to enjoy.

I will post this weeks nominees on Monday the 15th of September and you can start voting...

Hope you all enjoy this year long contest and remember YOU will be picking the winners!!!


  1. so we do a card or project..submit here or on FB in Kit and Clowder or all pick someone>>>me of course as nominee for next week? on so on??..sounds fun..if i'm understanding it we can do/post as many as we want??..hugzz

    1. You should be sure and post on your blog and face book but anywhere is fine and yes you may do as many as you wish so long as they have one or more of my digis as a focal point-but your project isn't submitted it must be noticed and selected by one of the team-posting it on my facebook fan page
      Is almost certain to get all of the team members to see your projects

  2. ahhh ok..i see i'll just wave a neon flag on mine..lolol..thx ink cart.(black ) is dead..but will get one from the city tueshave been dying to play with the digis i bought from you noticed or not..i can't wait to color. huggzz

  3. Fab idea. Now let me get some time. LOL xxD


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