Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW (sorta) thing for Spring

We have been trying to think of new ideas and new ways to attract business to the digi shoppes (etsy and Zibbet), participation on the facebook group and just ST DENNIS consciousness period-amazing how many people still haven't heard of or seen my digis despits being in business since 2009, sponsoring MANY challenges and blogs etc.

I had tried an email list but it wasn't as wonderful as I had hoped although I am happy to say my loyal customers and fans are pretty loyal.

The last newsletter went out yesterday and I don't want to go back to uncontrolled free image give aways SOOOOOOOO we have decided to go BACK to doing Challenges but Karen, Mo, Helen and Aletha all had ideas and we have sorta blended them into this:

We will have a progressive challenge in Sparkle and Glitter starting MAY 1-The first challenge will be Steampunk and you must use a Rick St dennis DIGI image in order to enter-this challenge is in honor of Volume 5 of Just Steampunk which will heavily feature my EDT ladies projects...

All those who enter the May challenge (with an RSD image) will receive a special 'FREE' image in order to do the June Challenge and the BIG WINNER of the June Challenge will get a free image and a discount code.

ALSO, watch FACEBOOK and my facebook group

Aletha Jane is planning a special contest on the group page for group members-prize will be choice of 1 free image and chosen by RANDOM.ORG.

I am having a special on ZIBBET

Anyone who orders from my Zibbet shoppe will receive a random code for either a percentage off their next order or a dollar amoumt gift card-totally random so each person will get a different code-codes must be used within 30 days from when they are generated.

Lots going on and hopefully-like the recent Earthquakes in California-it will shake things up a bit.

Thanks to all my friends and fans for their continued support!

Monday, March 17, 2014

2 shoppes full of images

I am amazed at how many people are still shopping on ETSY and haven't taken advantage of my ZIBBET shoppe found HERE.

I am still adding new images to ETSY because I know that many of you like the download feature which Zibbet doesn't have ----YET.

I hope you will browse Zibbet when you have time - there are almost 800 images on my Zibbet shoppe as opposed to 200 on ETSY.

I also LOVE the fact that I can arrange the images on ZIBBET in MANY sections making it easier to find exactly what you need.

On the right side of my main shoppe page you should find a long list of sections with names like Scenic, Fashion, steampunk and so on.

Just click any section and you will be shown the selection of images in that portion of my shoppe-also since Zibbet doesn't charge me by the listing, I am able to cross list images in more than one section making them easier to find.

All this aside you can still browse through the catalog of ALL the images on the site if you prefer.

All your Zibbet purchases from my shoppe are emailed to you by me personally within 24 hours of your order-be sure I receive your preferred email address when you order.

I'm sure that within the next few months Zibbet will also offer download services and when they do I will use them.

Lots of new images at Zibbet and many more coming in the next few weeks
so if you haven't shopped my ZIBBET store I hope you will and leave me a comment here if there are things you'd like to see added or changed.

Thanks for you support!!!