Monday, August 31, 2015

Nominees for Pick of the Week August 30

Hi everyone! We will announce the EDT Nominees in a moment but first we want to share this amazing piece by Damarys Mercado who happened to be our sole nominee for POTW August 23. It's an amazing colouring sample and we wanted you all to see it.
Thank you
Damarys Mercado
for inspiring us with your version of  Lemuria

Before introducing the nominees for Pick of the Week for the week of August 30, we have a few reminders:
  • The EDT nominates our picks from Facebook, blogs, challenges, anywhere we can find them. Please do not submit your entries. The best way to ensure that we see them is to share them on our Facebook Fan Page. Please link your projects to your personal blog, website, or FB page.
  • The winning Pick of the Week is determined by popular choose! We ask that you vote only once in the comment area below by listing the number of the project you are choosing as your favorite.
  • Each week's winner will be eligible for the Pick of the Month and the 12 monthly winners will be in the running for the Pick of the Year and the prize that goes with it!

NOMINEES for Week of August 30

Nominee #1

Nominee #2

Nominee #3
using Gina

Nominee #4

Congratulations to our four nominees for Pick of the Week.
Please email Bonnie at to collect your Pick of the Week Nominee badge. We hope that you will display it proudly on your blog.

Now it's over to you, Voters.
Leave your vote in the comments section on this page only as they will be the ones tabulated  to determine the winning project.

Please vote only once.


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