Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pick of the Week Winner September 6 and Nominees Week of September 13

The project chosen for
Pick of the Week for September 6
was created by

 Sofie Hansson 

Congratulations, Sofie.  Please email Bonnie at so she can send you the Pick of the Week winner's badge which we hope you will proudly display.

Before introducing the nominees for Pick of the Week for the week of September 13, we have a few reminders:
  • The EDT nominates our picks from Facebook, blogs, challenges, anywhere we can find them. Please do not submit your entries. The best way to ensure that we see them is to share them on our Facebook Fan Page. Please link your projects to your personal blog, website, or FB page.
  • The winning Pick of the Week is determined by popular choose! We ask that you vote only once in the comment area below by listing the number of the project you are choosing as your favorite.
  • Each week's winner will be eligible for the Pick of the Month and the 12 monthly winners will be in the running for the Pick of the Year and the prize that goes with it!

NOMINEES for Week of September 13

Nominee #1

Nominee #2
using 1935 Hat

Nominee #3

Nominee #4
using Djin Genii

Nominee #5
using Frankie

Nominee #6

Congratulations to our seven nominees for Pick of the Week.
Please email Bonnie at to collect your Pick of the Week Nominee badge. We hope that you will display it proudly on your blog.

Now it's over to you, Voters.
Leave your vote in the comments section on this page only as they will be the ones tabulated  to determine the winning project.

Please vote only once.


  1. My vote goes to no.7.
    The subject matter is not to my taste but the colours and colouring are excellent.
    Well done!

  2. Lots to choose from this week!
    My vote goes to #7.

  3. I would have to say I will vote for #1. I like the simplicity of this card and I adore the image. The corner treatments are quite different and pleasing to me.

  4. I'd like to vote for Number 1. They're all great though.

  5. I really like #5, Frankie is awesome!

  6. Tough decision but I'll have to go for #1 - simple design, beautiful colouring and I love chocolate! :)
    x Asha

  7. I vote for no. 1. Love the colors and image.

  8. All awesome creations! My vote goes to #5 :)

  9. Wooo! Very tough decision! I like #1 - it's so hard to color white - and all those tiny colored details!

  10. Sophie Hansson has asked for NO.7......
    she cant vote problems with computer....and goodle..fiona H.

  11. No.5. please - very hard all are fantastic in their own rights....

  12. Wowie, these projects are amazing. My vote goes to #4
    Great work all

    Huggsss, Angelique

  13. Oh I love #1 -- clean and beautifully colored. Not to mention the image combined with the saying is a hoot -- what better way to start the day! :-)


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